Lisa Ridings Duo

Local music - Venice, Fl.

FULL TIME Husband & Wife DUO featuring

Lisa Ridings.

Her amazing, soulful voice captivates the listener while performing songs across various genre's.

Come dance, sing along or rock out with us. High energy Dance, pop, and Rock!!

Providing entertainment from local venues to private parties.

**See you at MATTISON'S CITY GRILLE every Monday night 6:30, downtown Sarasota!!!






Sept 2nd  Paradise Grill                      6-9 pm

Sept 3rd  Made in Italy                        9-12 pm

Sept 4th  Pop's Sunset Grill                5:30-9 pm

Sept 5th  Port Charlotte Moose Tiki    2-5 pm

Sept 6th Mattison's City Grille             6:30-9:30

Sept 8th  Palmetto Moose Club             6-9 p.m

Sept 9th  Sandbar Tiki Englewood         6-10 p.m

Sept 10th  Bahama Grill, Esplinade        3-7 p.m

Sept 11th   American Legion, Venice   6:30-9:30

Sept 13th  Mattison's City Grille           6:30-9:30

Sept 15th  Englewood Moose (inside)  6-9:30 pm

Sept 17th  Off the Wagon                     6:30-9:30

Sept 18th  Mattison's Riverwalk           7-10 p.m

Sept 20th  Mattison's City Grille          6:30-9:30

Sept 24th The Eagles Club Nokomis     7-10 p.m

Sept 25th  Venice Moose                  7:30-10:30

Sept 26th  Venice Yacht Club                2-5 p.m

Sept 27th Mattison's City Grille         6:30-9:30 


Oct 1st  Made in Italy                        9-12 p.m

Oct 2nd  Pop's Sunset Grill                5:30-9 p.m

Oct 4th  Mattison's City Grille          6:30-9:30 

Oct 7th  Paradise Grill                      6-9 p.m

Oct 8th  Moose Gulf Cove                 7-10 p.m

Oct 10th Casey Key Fish House      3-7 p.m

Oct 11th  Mattison's City Grille       6:30-9:30

Oct 13th  Moose Palmetto               6-9 p.m

Oct  15th  Eagles Club Nokomis       7-10 p.m

Oct  16th  Mattison's Riverwalk       7-10 p.m

Oct   18th  Mattison's City Grille      6:30-9:30

Oct  20th  Moose Englewood            6-9:30 p.m


Oct  22nd  Off The Wagon               6:30-9:30 pm

Oct  23rd  Made in Italy                     9-12 p.m.

Oct 25th  Mattison's City Grille       6:30-9:30

Oct 29th  Bahama Grill Esplinade    3-7 p.m.

Oct 30th  Venice Yacht Club             7-10 p.m

Oct 31st   Rambler's Rest                  6-9 p.m.


Nov 1st  Mattison's City Grille           6:30-9:30

Nov 4th  Paradise Grill                      6-9 p.m

Nov 6th Pop's Sunset Grill                 5:30-9 p.m

Nov 8th  Mattison's City Grille           6:30-9:30

Nov 10th  Moose Palmetto                  6-9 p.m

Nov 12th  Moose Gulf Cove                  7-10 p.m

Nov 13th  Key Royal Country Club        7-10 p.m

Nov 14th Casey Key Fish House           3-7 p.m

Nov 15th  Mattison's City Grille          6:30-9:30

Nov 17th  Moose Englewood (inside)  6-9:30

Nov 19th  Off the Wagon                    6:30-9:30

Nov 20th  Moose Venice                    7:30-10:30

Nov 21st  Venice Yacht Club                2-5 p.m

Nov 22nd Mattison's City Grille            6:30-9:30

Nov 26th  Bahama Bar Esplinade        3-7 p.m

Nov 27th Tri Par RV Park                    7-10 p.m

Nov 28th Sand Bar Tiki Englewood      6-10 p.m

Now booking for 2022...

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Phone: 901-494-5524


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Chris V. - Guitar
Lisa V.-Vocals